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* Movement and camera controls
* Movement and camera controls
* Reading signs
* Reading signs
* Talking to [[VIL|NPC]]s
* Talking to [[NPC]]s
* Underwear, Shiny Objects, Golden Spatulas, and Socks
* Underwear, Shiny Objects, Golden Spatulas, and Socks
* Wooden and Floating Tikis
* Wooden and Floating Tikis
* [[BUTN|Button]]s
* [[Button]]s
* Using the Pause Menu
* Using the Pause Menu

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SpongeBob's Pineapple
Bikini Bottom
SpongeBob's Pineapple.png
Spatulas 1
Socks 1
Scene ID HB02

SpongeBob's Pineapple is the third area of Bikini Bottom, as well as the first playable area upon starting a new game. This level introduces many of the basic game mechanics to the player:

  • Movement and camera controls
  • Reading signs
  • Talking to NPCs
  • Underwear, Shiny Objects, Golden Spatulas, and Socks
  • Wooden and Floating Tikis
  • Buttons
  • Using the Pause Menu


SpongeBob's Closet

This spatula is inside SpongeBob's closet, which requires 50 Shiny Objects to access.

Casual guide

  1. Collect at least 50 Shiny Objects scattered around SpongeBob's pineapple.
  2. Walk up to the closet door. It will take 50 Shiny Objects from you and open.
  3. Walk inside the closet and the spatula will be right next to the sign.

Speedrun guide

Assuming you start at 0 Shiny Objects, this is the optimal path for SpongeBob's Closet:

  1. Go clockwise around the kitchen, collecting 48 Shiny Objects.
  2. Jump up and collect the yellow Shiny Object (worth 2) right inside the bathroom.
  3. Unlock the closet and collect the spatula.

After collecting the last Shiny Object in the kitchen, you can get a slight boost by jumping into the trigger for the typewriter, which teleports you in front of it.


Sock #1

This sock is inside SpongeBob's attic, high up above the doorway.

Casual guide

  1. Collect at least 10 Shiny Objects to access the bedroom, and 20 more to access the attic.
  2. Inside the attic, use the Bubble Bounce move on the button on the floor. This will drop a springboard onto the floor.
  3. Use the Bubble Bash move on the button to the right. This will drop a beach ball onto the floor.
  4. Jump on the beach ball and use the Bubble Spin on the button on the wall. This will reveal 5 wooden platforms sticking out from the wall.
  5. Jump on the springboard to get onto the wooden platforms. Jump across the platforms and the sock will be sitting on the one in the middle.

Speedrun guide

This sock is fastest when you have the Bubble Bowl and Cruise Bubble. Assuming you have at least 30 Shiny Objects, here is the optimal path:

  1. Unlock the bedroom. Use the Bubble Bowl and press R on the same frame to get a Bowl Boost into the bedroom, and you'll unlock the attic right away. Do the same thing when entering the attic and you'll end up on the other side of it, right next to the button on the floor.
  2. Bubble Bounce the button on the floor to drop the springboard. Get a Cruise Boost against the wall and jump on the springboard, facing towards the sock, and you should be able to reach it.


Bowl Boosts

If you use the Bubble Bowl on the same frame you press R to enter/exit the bedroom or attic, you will get an extremely fast Bowl Boost, sending you to the opposite side of the room almost instantly.