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Welcome to our editor portal. This aims to be a good starting point for those wishing to contribute and otherwise do not know where to start.

Things to work on

This list is far from complete, but should give be a good starting point.

  • Add information for this game's many tricks and glitches.
  • Add spatula and sock locations, right along with strategies that can be used to obtain them.
  • Clean up the grammar on most of the pages.

General guidelines for contributing

Here are some general guidelines to follow when contributing. These are not intended to be rules, but more of as a way to encourage quality edits. Feel free to suggest or make improvements.

  • Avoid making redirects to fix red links. Fix the page with the red link instead.
  • Likewise, if a red link points to an article that should exist but doesn't, feel free to create it if you can add meaningful info.
  • For consistency, most words in page titles should be capitalized. For example, use "Cruise Boosting" instead of "Cruise boosting."
  • Use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Articles should be written in a third person and neutral point of view.
  • WP:BOLD applies here to some extent.

In general, use common sense when contributing, and any contributions are welcome and encouraged provided they help improve the wiki.