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Welcome to Battlepedia!

This wiki pertains to the Nickelodeon video game SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Here you can find detailed information about the video game, speedrunning resources, and technical information useful for modding the game (for instance in ROM hacks).

What is BFBB?

Battle for Bikini Bottom (BFBB) is a licensed platformer from 2003 that recently resurged in popularity due to dedicated speedrunning and modding communities, so much that it has warranted a complete remake sixteen years after its original release date. You can read more here.

Speedrunning info

BFBB speedrunners have developed many resources and tutorials to encourage and assist newcomer players into picking up the game. This wiki attempts to consolidate as much of these resources into one hub in order for it to be easily searchable. Even if you don't plan to speedrun this game, you can see from these resources all the glitches and tricks that have been discovered.

Modding & technical info

Battle for Bikini Bottom has also received interest by people who have unpacked the video game's contents and reverse-engineered the engine and game assets, in order to discover hidden content, gain an insight on how the game was developed, and find new tricks suitable for speedrunning the game. The wiki houses in-depth technical information useful about the game as well as links to tools and guides for modding the game yourself.

If you're looking for community-made mods you can play yourself, check out the Mods page.


Feel free to join us on Discord if you're interested in the game! You are welcome to join both communities if you have a heavy interest in anything related to BFBB.

Other links

Helping out

Want to contribute to the game's resources? Create an account and check out the editor portal for information on how to help out on the wiki, or join the above Discord communities to find other ways to help grow the game.