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Glitch/Tech Description
Bubble bowl boost Using the Bubble Bowl gives SpongeBob a brief speed boost. This speed is determined by using SpongeBob's current velocity at the start of the bubble bowl animation. There are some occasions where SpongeBob's velocity is faster than normal, and the bubble bowl can be used in these situations to give him a bigger speed boost, in some cases big enough to propel him across the entire map.
Bubble bowl boost jump During a bubble bowl boost, performing a jump or Bubble Bash can give SpongeBob an extra momentary speed boost.
Bus Stop soft-lock It is possible to soft-lock the game while switching characters at a Bus Stop. What exactly causes it to happen is unknown, but the most likely cause is the player somehow exiting the Bus Stop's trigger during the switching state, usually by using the Bubble Bowl near the edge of the trigger.
Camera lock Sometimes, during SpongeBob's falling state, the height of the player camera can suddenly lock in place, and no longer be focused on the player. This can make it very difficult to control the player if the camera is in a position where the player cannot be seen. It can usually be fixed by using the Bubble Bash or entering a new level.
Cruise boost When SpongeBob is in a stationary position (either standing in place or moving against a wall or other flat surface), a cruise boost can be performed by pressing the Cruise Bubble and Bubble Bowl buttons on the exact same frame. This locks SpongeBob's bubble bowl state which gives SpongeBob a constant speed boost. Performing a second cruise boost while moving in the opposite direction (against a wall only) can increase the speed boost given to SpongeBob, usually up to 2 times his normal movement speed. This is known as a fast cruise boost and is one of the most fundamental yet important techniques used during speedruns of the game. A cruise boost can be deactivated by using the Bubble Bowl or taking damage.
Cruise cancel If SpongeBob is detected to be moving during the use of the Cruise Bubble, the cruise bubble state will end early, putting him back into his normal movement state. This can happen while performing a cruise boost (usually intentionally) by doing it away from a flat surface or by sliding off of one, either by doing it close to the edge, or by holding the cruise bubble button down and aiming SpongeBob away from the surface.
Damage boost Taking damage gives the player knock-back momentum, usually in the direction of their last standing position but sometimes in a completely different direction, such as when being knocked off a building by a Chuck. This can be used to the player's advantage. While the player is falling, they are given some control to steer themselves through the air. If a double jump was not performed before taking damage, it is still available to use before the player lands which can give them extra momentum. This property is used often in speedruns in order to let the player reach bigger heights and distances than they would be able to with normal movement.
Damage one-frame During a damage boost, there is a single frame between the end of the player's damage animation and their falling state where the game will consider them to be in a "grounded" state, even if they are still in mid-air. This means that any action which can be performed while on the ground can be performed on this frame, including a single jump or a Bubble Bash. This glitch is used by advanced speedrunners to cross even wider gaps than what's possible with a non-one-frame damage boost.
Deathwarp In speedruns, deathwarping is used whenever the latest activated checkpoint is closer to the next objective than the player's current location, and it would be faster to die and respawn at the checkpoint than to travel the distance to the objective. It is also useful for cutscene skipping. Common methods of deathwarping include drowning in goo and being taken out-of-bounds by Hans, after activating the cutscene.
Ghost melon Sometimes after throwing a Throw Fruit, it can become non-solid and unable to be picked up, but still breakable. The exact cause is unknown.
Hans disable If the player is in the middle of being taken out-of-bounds by Hans while simultaneously exiting the level, the out-of-bounds state never resets back to normal. This is known as disabling Hans or disabling the hand, because it allows the player to enter any out-of-bounds trigger and not be taken by Hans. The most common way to disable Hans is to use a taxi stop (twice) while being taken out-of-bounds. Hans can later be re-enabled by standing on an out-of-bounds surface. This is one of the most fundamental and useful glitches in speedruns of the game.
Hans enable If Hans was previously disabled, the player can re-enable it by standing on an out-of-bounds surface. This is used in some speedrun categories such as 100% and NG+, since Hans can be useful as a deathwarp.
Invincibility frames There are a few occasions where the player is briefly invincible, including after a level is done loading, after cutscenes, and after talking to an NPC. The player will not lose any health or take any knockback (except from goo) during this state. Using the Cruise Bubble during this state captures it and prolongs it throughout the lifetime of the cruise bubble. This property is used in speedruns during the Robo-SpongeBob fight in the Chum Bucket Lab, to prevent the player from taking damage from Robo-SpongeBob's attack.
Instant button bounce SpongeBob's Bubble Bounce collision is actually active from the moment you press the Bubble Bounce button. If he is close enough to a button, he will press it during his stalling state, before he even starts falling. This is about a second minimum faster than using the Bubble Bounce higher above the button and waiting for him to fall down and press it.
L bash Using the Cruise Bubble and Bubble Bash on the same frame briefly plays SpongeBob's bubble bash animation and sound, but shortly after it gets canceled by the cruise bubble. There are no uses for this currently in speedruns.
L-clip When SpongeBob uses the Cruise Bubble, the game briefly disables his collision and tries to adjust his position so that he will be able to turn freely while aiming the cruise bubble. If he has an active cruise boost and is not in a stationary position, using the cruise bubble will disable his collision, reposition him, and then immediately cruise cancel. There are some walls in-game where having an active cruise boost and using the cruise bubble will actually cause him to be repositioned on the other side of the wall. This is useful for some speedrun strats such as Prawn Skip, in which L clipping is used to access a hidden trigger outside of the level geometry.
L control Using the Cruise Bubble puts the camera in a state in which the player can freely control it. Using the cruise bubble on the same exact frame SpongeBob touches a Golden Spatula will prevent the spatula animation camera from activating and instead let the player use the in-game camera freely. This yields a similar effect as a spatula camera lock, except the player is able to turn the camera during the spatula animation, which can be useful when combined with an active cruise boost to steer the player in any desired direction throughout the length of the animation.