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Collectibles play an integral role in BFBB and allow the player to enter the final boss fight to finish the game.

Shiny object

Shiny objects are the game's currency; they help pay for clams, Mr. Krabs' eight spatulas, and the theater building of Bikini Bottom.


Patrick's socks are scattered throughout the world; there are 80 in total. Patrick buys 10 socks for a golden spatula, totaling eight spatulas you can obtain from him.

Golden spatula

This is the game's most valuable collectible, allowing access to various areas of the game, including the final boss fight in the Chum Bucket. One hundred spatulas exist, although only 75 are required to enter the Chum Bucket's kitchen. Two spatulas are obtained during Robo-Spongebob meaning the player can complete the game finishing with at least 77 spatulas.


Just about each level has its own collectible or objective item, displayed in the lower left on the HUD. Once all items are obtained for a level, they may be redeemed for a golden spatula.

Jellyfish Fields
1x King Jellyfish jelly
Downtown Bikini Bottom
11x steering wheels
Goo Lagoon
5x kids whose balloons SpongeBob must bubble-bash
Rock Bottom
6x museum paintings
4x buttons Spongebob must bowl into
Kelp Forest
6x campers the player must find
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard
4x cannons to activate (by pressing buttons)