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Here, you will find useful technical information about Battle for Bikini Bottom.

Modding guides


Game/Disc Filesystem


Tool Author Version Description
HipHopTool igorseabra4 0.4.9 Used to extract, edit and create new HIP/HOP archives
Industrial Park igorseabra4 Preview 36 Viewer and editor for HIP/HOP archives
BFBB Patch Tool Seil 0.4 Allows creation and applying of patches for modified content in BFBB; used for distribution of mods
BFBB JSP Tool igorseabra4 Converts JSP and DFF files from the XBOX version of Battle For Bikini Bottom OBJ.
rwio The Hero 3.1d Plugin for 3ds Max which allows importing and exporting of RenderWare DFFs.
Magic.TXD The_GTA 1.1 Editor for RenderWare textures
QuickBMS Luigi Auriemma 0.9.0 Previous tool for HIP/HOP, did not allow complex editing of the files
RW Analyze Steve M. 0.4b Used to view the tree structure of RenderWare files (models)


Mod Author Version Release Description
TetraxZ's BfBB Showcase Mod TetraxZ 1.5 2018/09/14 Showcases what Industrial Park can do in terms of editing levels.

Other Projects

Name Author Version Description
BFBB-cpp Seil Attempt to rewrite BFBB in C++