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BFBBmix is a work-in-progress mod of Battle for Bikini Bottom made by skyweiss with help from other members of the modding community. Its name is a portmanteau of "BFBB," the original game's abbreviation, and "remix."

Mod info

Screenshot of Jellyfish Fields

BFBBmix is a low-poly revisit to Battle for Bikini Bottom's locations, giving them new level designs, objectives, and music. The terrain and various objects are constructed entirely of simple shapes, like cubes, cones, and cylinders, using Industrial Park to place them.

A full release of BFBBmix is planned to come out by the end of 2019, containing three finished worlds and a major boss. Other worlds may be added through patches after its initial release.


Jellyfish Fields Preview

A preview of the game containing the completed Jellyfish Fields world was released on 6 September 2019. Note that the preview also contains the title menu, and while it contains level selects for worlds other than Jellyfish Fields, those just take you to the vanilla levels.


Download Demo v1.0 and extract the zip file over a copy of Battle for Bikini Bottom that has been extracted using this guide.

To update to the latest version, download each subsequent version in order and either extract the zip file over your copy of BFBBmix, or apply each patch file in order.

Version Download Release date Notes
Demo v1.0 zip 6 September 2019 Download this first!
Demo v1.01 zip or patch 10 September 2019 Fixes several issues, mostly collision.
Demo v1.02 zip or patch 12 September 2019 Fixed walljump and button collision in Jellyfish Caves;
Fixed checkpoint at the top of Jellyfish Volcano;
Fixed spatula warp to Save the Jellies.

Known issues

  • Quitting and exiting to the title screen can occasionally freeze on loading. The most common reason for this is quitting while cinematic bars are on screen, so currently the only solution is to wait until the bars are off-screen before quitting.

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