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The BFBBMix logo.

BFBBMix is a mod of Battle for Bikini Bottom made by skyweiss with help from other members of the modding community. Its name is a portmanteau and shortening of "Battle for Bikini Bottom remix."

Mod info

BFBBMix is a revisit to Battle for Bikini Bottom with new levels, objectives, and music. The terrain and various objects are constructed entirely of simple shapes, like cubes, cones, and cylinders, using Industrial Park to place them. Most other objects are imported from the original game.

How to make an ISO


Obtain a GameCube copy of Battle for Bikini Bottom as an ISO file, then follow these steps.

  1. Download and open Gamecube Rebuilder.
  2. Click Image > Open and find your ISO of Battle for Bikini Bottom.
  3. Right-click root and click Export, then find a folder to store BFBBMix in. We'll call this your BFBBMix folder.
  4. Click Image > Close.
  5. Download BFBBMix.
  6. Extract the .zip file into the root folder inside your BFBBMix folder. (Note for Demo: Extract just the contents of the files folder, not the whole .zip file.)
  7. In GameCube Rebuilder, click Root > Open and find the root folder inside your BFBBMix folder.
  8. Click Root > Save and choose a location to save your BFBBMix ISO.
  9. Click Root > Rebuild.


Chapter 1

BFBBMix Chapter1.png

Download Version 1 for GameCube


The BFBBMix Demo was a preview version of Jellyfish Fields. It was first released on 6 September 2019. You can use the ISO instructions above or use this guide to install the BFBBMix Demo for a Dolphin development version or Xbox.

Download Demo


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