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Use the little plus sign at the top of the page to make a new topic on here. Better yet, my preferred contact information can be found here.


I'd like to report User:Dark for his inappropriate, and intimidating behavior to me via User talk:Seil. Please block him. He doesn't even know me. I was an admin on Wikipedia. If he spoke to me like that there, I would have blocked him. I know how the administration works. I also hosted my own wikis. I'd do a good job here to ensure that your wiki is a user-made encyclopedia and not a playground for vandals. --VOrun (talk) 14:23, 7 October 2019 (UTC)

  1. You've only made an account to edit talk pages.
  2. Nobody knows who you are here.
  3. This isn't Wikipedia. Even if you were somehow of any status on there, it wouldn't matter because the only thing that matters here is contribution to this wiki, not others. As a result of this not being Wikipedia, we (read: I) don't have the same rules as on there.
  4. Your dumb ass can't seem to figure out that the preferred way to contact me is via E-mail and not talk page [1] [2]. The only reason I stumbled upon your talk page message so quickly this time is because Dark was laughing to me about how stupid you were being on here, begging for admin. Otherwise I barely check the site unless something's wrong (which people tell me over Matrix or, you guessed it, E-mail), or if I want to edit the wiki myself.
I'm going to take the word of someone I've known a lot longer than you, someone I've actually entrusted to become an admin rather than him asking for it so blatantly, someone who's actually contributed to the community – well before I'm going to take the word of someone I haven't seen in any capacity of the BFBB community. Looks like Seil banned you already, so if you want the chance to actually contribute to the wiki rather than being a whiny moron, like I said plenty of times by now, you can E-mail me and stop acting like your "years of wiki experience" matters here if you aren't even going to try to contribute. I've edited and hosted wikis for years now, too. Who the hell cares? wowaname # C 21:34, 7 October 2019 (UTC)
Just checked my E-mail; you did send me a message. Apologies for assuming you didn't, but next time, you would be wise to keep it E-mail only and keep your drama out of the public eye. wowaname # C 22:31, 7 October 2019 (UTC)