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Essentials Series
  1. Introduction
  2. Industrial Park Basics
  3. Editing Assets
  4. Templates
  5. Links
  6. Tikis and Enemies

This page is part of the Essential Series modding tutorials. In this guide, you will learn how to use SDFX (Sound Effect) and SGRP (Sound Group) assets. They are found in the Default layer of the HIP. Note that the information on this page might not be 100% accurate: the format of these assets is still relatively unknown.

This guide only applies to Movie, Incredibles and ROTU, as these are the games which use these assets. For Scooby and BFBB, see Sound Effects.

If you want to import custom sound files, please see the Custom Sounds tutorial.


There are two templates you need to place in Industrial Park to use custom sound effects: a Sound Effect (SDFX) and a Sound Group (SGRP). Note that, if the sound effect you want to use already exists in the stage, there possibly already is a Sound Group for it, so you can start at step #3.

  1. Place a SoundGroup template. In the asset data editor for it, edit the SGRP_Entries field and change the Sound_AssetID of the first entry to the asset ID of the SND or SNDS you want to use.
  2. You can also edit the InnerRadius and OuterRadius properties. The sound will start playing at a lower volume when the player is in the outer radius and will be in maximum volume when the player is in the inner radius.
  3. Place a SDFX template. In the asset data editor, set the SoundGroup_AssetID to the SGRP you want to use. You can move the SDFX to the position where you want the sound to play.

For the sound to start playing, you must send the Play event to the SDFX. You can add a ScenePrepare => Play link to the SDFX itself if you want it to start playing already at level start.

If you want, you can attach the sound to an entity (such as a platform or a boulder) instead of using the SDFX's actual position. To do this, set the Emitter_AssetID in the SDFX to the entity's asset ID, and the SoundEffectFlags field to 4.

You can also take a look at other SDFX and SGRP assets already present in the game. Not all settings of these assets are known, but you can copy them from existing assets to see what effect that has on them.