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Skee-ball abuse (SBA) is an exploit that makes use of the skee-ball minigame in the Goo Lagoon pier area to generate shiny objects at an insanely high rate. It is the fastest known way to obtain shiny objects in BFBB.


Years before the trick was discovered in 2018, people in the BFBB speedrunning community made hypotheses that the skee-ball machine could potentially be exploited for shiny object generation. Although this speculation was mostly in jest, it turned out to be true, as a setup was discovered[1] involving stone tikis and a bubble bowl. The first discovered setup was extremely suboptimal, but this finding provoked more research into a setup that would be suitable for grinding shiny objects required to make several BFBB speedrunning categories more optimised. The most obvious use for this was to replace the shiny grinding in 100%, saving several minutes off the eight Krabs' spatulas, but this trick was soon proven to save time in Any% as well. This strategy was controversial at first because it required cutting out the slowest non-Krabs spatulas in the game and replacing them with Krabs spatulas, but regardless of opinion, it currently does save time in a few categories.

Several people are credited for finding this exploit, including Ringo, Hazel, and TetraxZ.


There are several viable setups for SBA, each generating a different amount of shiny objects every other frame.

Ten-point hole setup

The first involves sandwiching a bubble ball in between two stone tikis in the skee-ball game's 10 hole. This setup generates ten shiny objects every other frame, for a total of 300 objects a second.

First, ensure Hans is disabled so you can access the skee-ball internals without being grabbed while out-of-bounds. As Patrick, grab the two stone tikis near the teacups and carry them over to the skee-ball area. Throw one tiki into one of the holes, then enter one of the holes yourself so that you can grab the tiki again and position it under the 10 hole. Following along with SHiFT's YouTube tutorial: pick up the tiki while inside the skee-ball machine, and zoom your camera so you can easily guide Patrick into the centre of the 10 hole. Then, turn Patrick in place and throw the tiki. The tiki should land inside Patrick so that his stomach slightly protrudes from the tiki.

Afterwards, change to SpongeBob and bubble bowl to place a ball inside the 10 hole. The ball will rest on top of the tiki you placed. Jumping into the hole will cause the ball to shake and rack up shiny objects, but for speedrunning, Patrick is instead used to place another tiki on top of the ball, causing the ball to pop in and out of the hole every other frame.

Thirty-point hole setup

The setup is similar to the 10 hole, except that a tiki is instead thrown into the 30 hole in such a way that it gets stuck in mid-air. Patrick then throws another tiki on top of the first (using the auto-target mechanism) and Spongebob bowls in between the tikis. If done right, the ball will stick in between the two tikis and generate 30 shiny objects every other frame.

This is currently the fastest method for RTA speedruns.

This setup is the most up-to-date iteration of Skee-ball abuse and uses one tiki to setup the trick. Using a specific angle and positioning on the ramp you can throw a tiki so it is stuck in the hitbox of the 30 hole. It is much riskier in so far that the ball can fall out of the hole if the tiki is not lodged in the hitbox of the 30 hole correctly.

Fifty-point hole setup

Currently, this is only viable for TAS runs.

A third setup exists which is similar to the 30 hole, but instead uses the 50 hole. This is not RTA viable because the tiki placement must be very precise in order for the ball to become stuck. Hazel has produced a tool-assisted setup for the 50 hole[2]. Of course, this generates fifty shiny objects every other frame, the fastest possible in the game.