SDF (File Format)/Player

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Number Description
0x0008 ControlOff
0x0009 ControlOn
0x0206 CruiseSetLife
0x005D FallToDeath
0x01C2 GiveCollectables (current level)
0x0036 GiveHealth
0x0101 Give PowerUp
0x0035 GiveShinyObjects
0x01C1 GiveSocks (current level)
0x0025 Kill
0x0011 OutOfBounds
0x012D PlayerRumbleLight
0x012F PlayerRumbleHeavy
0x0057 Scene Prepare
0x01D3 Spongeball On
0x01D4 Spongeball Off
0x01DA Switch Player Character
0x0216 Take Socks