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Robots are the primary enemy in BFBB and the focal point of the plot. Plankton hatched an evil plan to obtain the Krabby Patty secret formula, creating a machine called the Duplicatotron 3000 with the purpose of producing robots en masse. However, Plankton's negligence to set the machine's switch from Don't Obey to Obey proved disastorous and led to the robots causing mayhem all throughout Bikini Bottom.

In-game, robots are found throughout most levels as hazards the player has to either avoid or attack. Most robots in the game do not have to be attacked in order to advance the plot, but there are a few areas where clearing robots will allow the player to receive golden spatulas. All robots will produce shiny objects when defeated, and most robots will respawn when the area is reloaded. There are a few robots throughout the game that will not respawn once killed, however.

Each robot has a cutscene introduction when the player should first encounter it in the game, showing its behaviour in a somewhat comedic fashioned, followed by a brief dialog detailing how it behaves in-game. As the player encounters each robot, a humourous description is unlocked in the police station for the player to review at any time (assuming the player has access to the second area of the Bikini Bottom hub).

TO-DO: Summarise robots below. Quote in-game descriptions from police station (done), first seen location (where the cutscene intro plays), add images, explain behaviour and attacks, and how to defeat


Nifty electrical touch attack. Not tall enough to ride most roller coasters, but more vicious than a pack of rabid clams.


Impressive meat by-product attack. Smarter than it looks. Goes well with broccoli and a nice chianti.


Uncanny flying tartar sauce attack. Smells somewhat better than stale fish.


Has the most vicious smack attack, hands down. Expert foot masseuse, lemon squeezer and does delightful hand puppet shows.


Shocking electrical attack. Rather sensitive. Reads poetry, likes plants and enjoys zapping wandering denizens.


Mostly harmless… unless woken. Somewhat moody. Likes to express himself by blasting everything in sight or fingerpainting.


Annoying missile attack. Likes to throw tantrums… and other various military grade ordinance. Not terribly friendly.


Comes in threes, or in sixpacks with coupon. Inexplicable jello attack. Stays crunchy, even in milk.



Bot follow you, go boom. This is just the bot to get for the friend you like least.


Lemon-scented gamma-ray attack. Somewhat unpredictable. Borrows money without returning it, blasts things at random.


Somewhat unstable critter. Beware his stinky doggy breath. Likes to chew toys, random citizens and mimes.


This here's one mean varmint… packs a .45 caliber Kat Krusher – most powerful doghouse made.

Arf Dawg

Pesky lil' critter… bites the hand that feeds it. Impressive array of tricks: fetches sponges, chases squirrils, spontaneously combusts.

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