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Type RenderWare
Object ID 0x0D
Games used Night of 100 Frights
Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

The RWTX asset refers to a RenderWare TXD (texture dictionary) consting of only one texture. In the GameCube version of the game, the texture format is set to GameCube and the file has a RenderWare version of Many textures are DXT1 compressed or palettized.

Asset ID

When adding or replacing textures in the game, it is important that the asset's ID is calculated using the default BKDR hash algorithm, ran on the texture's original name with .RW3 appended to it. Industrial Park can do this automatically; for example, if you're importing a texture named "example_texture", the RWTX asset name should be "example_texture.RW3" and the asset ID should be generated automatically from it. Otherwise, the model which refers to that texture will not be able to find it.

After the hash algorithm has been ran on the original name, the name can be changed and the game will still be able to find the texture regardless.