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Pipe Info Table
Type Binary
Object ID -
Games used Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer


The pipe information contains additional material stuff for level objects. The file starts with an int which defines the amount of entries, then each entry has the following layout:

Offset Type Description Notes
0x00 int AssetID MODL
0x04 int Unknown Usually -1; might be mesh index in the model?
0x08 byte Related to visibility?
0x09 byte Culling
0x0A byte Destination/Source Blend When one of the digits is set to 0, their default factors will be used instead.
0x0B byte ?

Note: this applies to big endian (GameCube) only. The 4 bytes are reversed in little endian.

Blend factor types

  • 0x00 - Source Alpha/Inverse Source Alpha
  • 0x01 - Zero
  • 0x02 - One
  • 0x03 - Source Color
  • 0x04 - Inverse Source Color
  • 0x05 - Source Alpha
  • 0x06 - Inverse Source Alpha
  • 0x07 - Destination Alpha
  • 0x08 - Inverse Destination Alpha
  • 0x09 - Destination Color
  • 0x0A - Inverse Destination Color
  • 0x0B - Source Alpha Saturated