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We're glad that you want to help out with Battlepedia! This strives to be a good starting point for those who wish to contribute but do not know where to start.

To-do list

This is a non-exhaustive list of things you can do to help out the wiki.

  • Have something you want covered on the wiki and has to do with BFBB? Create a page for it. Just search for your topic of interest, and if it doesn't exist here yet, click the link to create a new page. If you want, you can simply dump any relevant information on the page and let someone else organise the content.
  • See a page that could use cleaning up? Spelling or grammatical errors, or simply could be organised better? Your edits to those pages are appreciated.
  • We have some stub articles that need expansion if you're up to the task.
  • You can check out Special:SpecialPages#Maintenance_reports for lists of pages that may need attention.
  • If you see a red link like this, that means someone wants to cover that topic but hasn't gotten around to it. You can take the initiative and create those pages.
  • Compile resources from other sites, such as images and videos of findings, strategies, and information about the game. Not only does it bring all the resources to one place, but it also helps preserve the history and details of BFBB.

While Battlepedia strives to be a polished resource for Battle for Bikini Bottom, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. It is easy for anyone to clean up after someone else's content; that's one of the main points of having a collaborative wiki. While we encourage proper spelling, grammar, and style, what we mostly want is for people to help in any way they can. As long as your intentions are good, you and your contributions will be welcomed here.

Please note that any work you publish on Battlepedia is released under the CC0 / public domain licence terms. You must not publish content to which you do not own the rights or cannot attribute to fair use. Please contact wowaname if you need help with licensing, such as uploading a file that is not in the public domain.