List of speedrun categories

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Main categories

Any% speedruns complete the full game with any number of spatulas. The main differences between each Any% category are the gameplay restrictions: whether or not Skee Ball Abuse (SBA) and/or cheat codes are allowed.

  • No SBA - Most arbritary category. Cheat codes and skee ball abuse are not allowed.
  • Normal - Beating the game without cheat codes, skee ball abuse is allowed.
  • NG+ - Same as Any% except two cheat codes are allowed: unlock bubble bowl and unlock cruise bubble, together referred to as "New Game Plus" (NG+).
  • NCR - Least arbritary category. Same as NG+ except all cheat codes are allowed (NCR = no code restrictions).

84% speedruns complete the full game with all in-game spatulas except for ones from Patrick and Mr. Krabs, which means that collecting socks and 39,500 total shiny objects is not required. Cheat codes are not allowed.

100% speedruns complete the full game with all unique, in-game spatulas with their source requirements.

  • Normal - Cheat codes are not allowed.
  • IGC - All cheat codes are allowed. Also known as 100% (NCR).

Category Extensions

  • Shit% - Get to the Port-o-Head in the Kelp Forest as fast as possible. Some cheat codes are allowed.