List of Events/Incredibles

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Event ID Name Description
0x0000 Unknown
0x0001 Enable
0x0002 Disable
0x0003 Visible
0x0004 Invisible
0x0005 EnterPlayer
0x0006 ExitPlayer
0x0007 TouchPlayer
0x0008 ControlOff
0x0009 ControlOn
0x000A Reset
0x000B Increment
0x000C Decrement
0x000D Open
0x000E Close
0x000F Toggle
0x0010 Teleport Player
0x0011 OutOfBounds
0x0012 Run
0x0013 Stop
0x0014 Expired
0x0015 Move
0x0016 Destroy
0x0017 Pause
0x0018 Play
0x0019 PlayOne
0x001A PlayMaybe
0x001B RoomStart
0x001C Invalidate
0x001D Tilt
0x001E Untilt
0x001F Arrive
0x0020 Mount
0x0021 Dismount
0x0022 Break
0x0023 Pickup
0x0023 Death
0x0025 Kill
0x0026 Off
0x0027 Patrol On
0x0028 Patrol Off
0x0029 Wander On
0x002A Wander Off
0x002B Detect Player On
0x002C Detect Player Off
0x002D Chase Player On
0x002E Chase Player Off
0x002F Go To Sleep
0x0030 Wake Up Villain
0x0031 Respawn
0x0032 PlayerDeath
0x0033 GiveChance
0x0034 GiveShinyObjects
0x0035 GiveHealth
0x0036 ButtonPress
0x0037 ButtonUnpress
0x0038 ArriveHalfway
0x0039 Hit
0x003A ButtonPressAction
0x003B Evaluate
0x003C True
0x003D False
0x003E PadPressX
0x003F PadPressSquare
0x0040 PadPressO
0x0041 PadPressTriangle
0x0042 PadPressL1
0x0043 PadPressL2
0x0044 PadPressR1
0x0045 PadPressR2
0x0046 PadPressStart
0x0047 PadPressSelect
0x0048 PadPressUp
0x0049 PadPressDown
0x004A PadPressRight
0x004B PadPressLeft
0x004C FontBackdropOn
0x004D FontBackdropOff
0x004E UI Select
0x004F UI Unselect
0x0050 UI Focus On
0x0051 UI Focus Off
0x0052 Collision On
0x0053 Collision Off
0x0054 Collision+Visible On
0x0055 Collision+Visible Off
0x0056 Scene Prepare
0x0057 Scene Finish
0x0058 Room Prepare
0x0059 Room Finish
0x005A LobMaster Shoot
0x005B LobMaster Reset
0x005C FallToDeath
0x005D UI Focus On+Select
0x005E UI Focus Off+Unselect
0x005F Set Pad Config to Preset A
0x0060 Set Pad Config to Preset B
0x0061 Set Pad Config to Preset C
0x0062 Set Pad Config to Preset D
0x0063 Pad Vibrate On
0x0064 Pad Vibrate Off
0x0065 Mono Sound
0x0066 Stereo Sound
0x0067 Increase Master Volume
0x0068 Decrease Master Volume
0x0069 Increase Music Volume
0x006A Decrease Music Volume
0x006B Increase SFX Volume
0x006C Decrease SFX Volume
0x006D IntroState_Sony
0x006E IntroState_Publisher
0x006F IntroState_Developer
0x0070 IntroState_License
0x0071 IntroState_Count
0x0072 TitleState_Start
0x0073 TitleState_Attract
0x0074 TitleState_Count
0x0075 LoadState_SelectMemCard
0x0076 LoadState_SelectSlot
0x0077 LoadState_Loading
0x0078 LoadState_Count
0x0079 OptionsState_Options
0x007A OptionsState_Count
0x007B SaveState_SelectMemCard
0x007C SaveState_SelectSlot
0x007D SaveState_Saving
0x007E SaveState_Count
0x007F PauseState_Pause
0x0080 PauseState_Options
0x0081 PauseState_Count
0x0082 GameState_FirstTime
0x0083 GameState_Play
0x0084 GameState_LoseChance
0x0085 GameState_GameOver
0x0086 GameState_SceneSwitch
0x0087 GameState_Dead
0x0088 SetIntroState_Sony
0x0089 SetIntroState_Publisher
0x008A SetIntroState_Developer
0x008B SetIntroState_License
0x008C SetIntroState_Count
0x008D SetTitleState_Start
0x008E SetTitleState_Attract
0x008F SetTitleState_Count
0x0090 SetLoadState_SelectMemCard
0x0091 SetLoadState_SelectSlot
0x0092 SetLoadState_Loading
0x0093 SetLoadState_Count
0x0094 SetOptionsState_Options
0x0095 SetOptionsState_Count
0x0096 SetSaveState_SelectMemCard
0x0097 SetSaveState_SelectSlot
0x0098 SetSaveState_Saving
0x0099 SetSaveState_Count
0x009A SetPauseState_Pause
0x009B SetPauseState_Options
0x009C SetPauseState_Count
0x009D SetGameState_FirstTime
0x009E SetGameState_Play
0x009F SetGameState_LoseChance
0x00A0 SetGameState_GameOver
0x00A1 SetGameState_SceneSwitch
0x00A2 SetGameState_Dead
0x00A3 Digup
0x00A4 GameState_Exit
0x00A5 SetGameState_Exit
0x00A6 LobMaster Shoot From Widget
0x00A7 Back
0x00A8 Cancel
0x00A9 Retry
0x00AA Select Card
0x00AB Select Slot
0x00AC OK
0x00AD VilHurtBoss
0x00AE Attack
0x00AF AttackOn
0x00B0 AttackOff
0x00B1 Drop pickup
0x00B2 UI Add Char
0x00B3 UI Del Char
0x00B4 UI String Empty
0x00B5 UI String Full
0x00B6 UI String Send As Cheat
0x00B7 UI Set Max Chars
0x00B8 UI Cheat OK
0x00B9 UI Cheat Bad
0x00BA VilReport_StartingChase
0x00BB VilReport_StartingAttack
0x00BC VilReport_StartingRetreat
0x00BD Preload
0x00BE Done
0x00BF Arcto
0x00C0 Digup Reaction
0x00C1 Set Check Point
0x00C2 AnimPlay
0x00C3 AnimPlayLoop
0x00C4 AnimStop
0x00C5 AnimPause
0x00C6 AnimResume
0x00C7 AnimTogglePause
0x00C8 AnimPlayRandom
0x00C9 AnimPlayMaybe
0x00CA SetSpeed
0x00CB Accelerate
0x00CC MoveToTarget
0x00CD SwingerFollow
0x00CE Impact
0x00CF StartTimer
0x00D0 FinishedTimer
0x00D1 UI Reset
0x00D2 SetScaleFactor
0x00D3 EnterEntity
0x00D4 ExitEntity
0x00D7 Drivenby
0x00D8 FollowTarget
0x00D9 FaceTarget
0x00DA WatchTarget
0x00DB CarChangeLaneRight
0x00DC CarChangeLaneLeft
0x00DD CarStart
0x00DE CarSetSwerveMode
0x00DF IncreaseSpeed
0x00E0 DecreaseSpeed
0x00E1 StartMoving
0x00E2 StopMoving
0x00E3 Swoosh
0x00E4 TurretDestroyed
0x00E5 NPC Speak Stop
0x00E6 StartRumbleEffect
0x00E7 Navigate To
0x00E8 NPC Speak Start
0x00E9 NPC Alert
0x00EA NPC Patrol Delay
0x00EB NPC Scramble Action End
0x00EC VilFakeChaseOff
0x00ED BossMMPushButton
0x00EE VilReport_DecayComplete
0x00EF VilGuardWidget
0x00F0 TextureAnimateOn
0x00F1 TextureAnimateOff
0x00F2 TextureAnimateToggle
0x00F3 ColorEffectOn
0x00F4 ColorEffectOff
0x00F5 ColorEffectToggle
0x00F6 SetTextureAnimGroup
0x00F7 SetTextureAnimSpeed
0x00F8 TextureAnimateStep
0x00F9 Emit
0x00FA Emitted
0x00FB TranslucentOn
0x00FC TranslucentOff
0x00FD TranslucentToggle
0x00FE Zip Line Env Damage
0x00FF VilGangTalkOff
0x0100 Give PowerUp
0x0101 RaceTimerReset
0x0102 Fire Cruise Bubble
0x0103 Car Success Anim Play
0x0104 Car Failure Anim Play
0x0105 Disable Group Contents
0x0106 NPC Charge
0x0107 OccludeOn
0x0108 OccludeOff
0x0109 RaceTimerPause
0x010A RaceTimerResume
0x010B RaceTimerSetBestTime
0x010C RaceTimerWarning1
0x010D RaceTimerWarning2
0x010E RaceTimerWarning3
0x010F RingChallengeStart
0x0110 Car Stop
0x0111 RingChallengeRun
0x0112 RingChallengeReset
0x0113 RingChallengeSuccess
0x0114 RingChallengeFailed
0x0115 Formation Changed
0x0116 Charge Resume
0x0117 Charge Pause
0x0118 NPC Charge Stop
0x0119 NPC Charge Completed
0x011A Formation Charge Start
0x011B SituationPlayerSuccess
0x011C SituationPlayerFailure
0x011D Show Hud
0x011E Hide Hud
0x0120 SetRain
0x0121 SetSnow
0x0122 Script No Op
0x0123 ScriptReset
0x0124 WaitForInput
0x0125 Play Movie
0x0126 CelebrationAnimPlay
0x0127 MusicTrack Replace
0x0128 UnknownUnused
0x0129 Forward
0x012A Reverse
0x012B RumbleTest - OBSOLETE
0x012C RumbleLight - OBSOLETE
0x012D RumbleMedium - OBSOLETE
0x012E RumbleHeavy - OBSOLETE
0x012F Screen Adjustment ON
0x0130 Screen Adjustment OFF
0x0131 Set as Skydome
0x0132 Connect_IOwnYou
0x0133 Duplotron_WaveBegin
0x0134 Duplotron_WaveComplete
0x0135 Duplotron_NPCBorn
0x0136 Duplotron_NPCKilled
0x0137 Duplotron_MaxNPCExpired
0x0138 Duplotron_Pause
0x0139 Duplotron_Resume
0x013A Set as Goo
0x013B NPCScript_ScriptBegin
0x013C NPCScript_ScriptEnd
0x013D NPCScript_ScriptReady
0x013E NPCScript_Halt
0x013F NPCScript_SetPos
0x0140 NPCScript_SetDir
0x0141 NPCScript_LookNormal
0x0142 NPCScript_LookAlert
0x0143 NPCScript_FaceWidget
0x0144 NPCScript_FaceWidgetDone
0x0145 NPCScript_GotoWidget
0x0146 NPCScript_GotoWidgetDone
0x0147 NPCScript_AttackWidget
0x0148 NPCScript_AttackWidgetDone
0x0149 NPCScript_FollowWidget
0x014A NPCScript_PlayAnim
0x014B NPCScript_PlayAnimDone
0x014C NPCScript_LeadPlayer
0x014D Set Text
0x014E Start Conversation
0x014F End Conversation
0x0150 Switch
0x0151 Add Text
0x0152 Clear Text
0x0153 Open Teleport Box
0x0154 Close Teleport Box
0x0155 On Signal 0
0x0156 On Signal 1
0x0157 On Signal 2
0x0158 On Signal 3
0x0159 On Signal 4
0x015A On Signal 5
0x015B On Signal 6
0x015C On Signal 7
0x015D On Signal 8
0x015E On Signal 9
0x015F Stop Wait
0x0160 On Conversation Start
0x0161 On Conversation End
0x0162 Hit Melee
0x0163 Hit Bubble Bounce
0x0164 Hit Bubble Bash
0x0165 Hit Bubble Bowl
0x0166 Hit Patrick Slam
0x0167 Hit By Throwable
0x0168 Paddle Hit Left
0x0169 Paddle Hit Right
0x016A Initiate Task
0x016B Set Success
0x016C Set Failure
0x016D On Accept
0x016E On Decline
0x016F On Complete
0x0170 Generate Boulder
0x0171 Launch Boulder At Widget
0x0172 Launch Boulder At Point
0x0173 Launch Boulder At Player
0x0174 Duplotron_SuperDuperDone
0x0175 Duplotron_DuperIsDoner
0x0176 Bus Switch Character
0x0177 Group Update Together
0x0178 Set Update Distance
0x0179 Translate, Local X
0x017A Translate, Local Y
0x017B Translate, Local Z
0x017C Translate, World X
0x017D Translate, World Y
0x017E Translate, World Z
0x017F Rotate, Local X
0x0180 Rotate, Local Y
0x0181 Rotate, Local Z
0x0182 Rotate, World X
0x0183 Rotate, World Y
0x0184 Rotate, World Z
0x0185 Translate, Local X Done
0x0186 Translate, Local Y Done
0x0187 Translate, Local Z Done
0x0188 Translate, World X Done
0x0189 Translate, World Y Done
0x018A Translate, World Z Done
0x018B Rotate, Local X Done
0x018C Rotate, Local Y Done
0x018D Rotate, Local Z Done
0x018E Rotate, World X Done
0x018F Rotate, World Y Done
0x0190 Rotate, World Z Done
0x0191 Count1
0x0192 Count2
0x0193 Count3
0x0194 Count4
0x0195 Count5
0x0196 Count6
0x0197 Count7
0x0198 Count8
0x0199 Count9
0x019A Count10
0x019B Count11
0x019C Count12
0x019D Count13
0x019E Count14
0x019F Count15
0x01A0 Count16
0x01A1 Count17
0x01A2 Count18
0x01A3 Count19
0x01A4 Count20
0x01A5 Set State
0x01A6 Enter SpongeBob
0x01A7 Enter Patrick
0x01A8 Enter Sandy
0x01A9 Exit SpongeBob
0x01AA Exit Patrick
0x01AB Exit Sandy
0x01AC NPCSpecial_PlatformSnap
0x01AD NPCSpecial_PlatformFall
0x01AE Goo set warb coeffs
0x01AF Goo set freeze duration
0x01B0 Goo melt
0x01B1 Set State Range
0x01B2 Set State Delay
0x01B3 Set Transition Delay
0x01B4 NPC Fight On
0x01B5 NPC Fight Off
0x01B6 NPC Patrol Spline On
0x01B7 NPC Patrol Spline Off
0x01B8 NPC Kill Quietly
0x01B9 Hit (General)
0x01BA Hit (Head)
0x01BB Hit (Left Arm)
0x01BC Hit (Right Arm)
0x01BD Hit (Left Leg)
0x01BE Hit (Right Leg)
0x01BF Hit (Lower Body)
0x01C0 GiveSocks (current level)
0x01C1 GiveCollectables (current level)
0x01C2 SetSocks (current level)
0x01C3 SetCollectables (current level)
0x01C4 On Answer Yes
0x01C5 On Answer No
0x01C6 Hit Cruise Bubble
0x01C7 Duplotron_KillKids
0x01C8 On Signal10
0x01C9 On Signal11
0x01CA On Signal12
0x01CB On Signal13
0x01CC On Signal14
0x01CD On Signal15
0x01CE On Signal16
0x01CF On Signal17
0x01D0 On Signal18
0x01D1 On Signal19
0x01D2 Spongeball On
0x01D3 Spongeball Off
0x01D4 Launch Shrapnel
0x01D5 NPC HP Incremented
0x01D6 NPC HP Decremented
0x01D7 NPC Set Active On
0x01D8 NPC Set Active Off
0x01D9 Switch Player Character
0x01DA Level Begin
0x01DB Scene Reset (death)
0x01DC Scene Enter
0x01DD Destroyed Tiki
0x01DE Destroyed Robot
0x01DF See Wood Tiki
0x01E0 See Lovey Tiki
0x01E1 See Shhh Tiki
0x01E2 See Thunder Tiki
0x01E3 See Stone Tiki
0x01E4 See Fodder
0x01E5 See Hammer
0x01E6 See Tar-Tar
0x01E7 See G-Love
0x01E8 See Monsoon
0x01E9 See Sleepy Time
0x01EA See Arf
0x01EB See Tubelets
0x01EC See Slick
0x01ED See King Jellyfish
0x01EE See Prawn
0x01EF See Dutchman
0x01F0 See Sandy Boss
0x01F1 See Patrick Boss
0x01F2 See SpongeBob Boss
0x01F3 See Robot Plankton
0x01F4 Change Texture of UI
0x01F5 NPC Cheer For Me
0x01F6 Fast Visible
0x01F7 Fast Invisible
0x01F8 ZipLine Mount
0x01F9 ZipLine Dismount
0x01FA Target
0x01FB Fire
0x01FC Camera FX Shake
0x01FD Bullet Time
0x01FE Thrown
0x01FF NPC Patrol
0x0200 EnterCruise
0x0201 ExitCruise
0x0202 CruiseFired
0x0203 CruiseDied
0x0204 CruiseAddLife
0x0205 CruiseSetLife
0x0206 CruiseResetLife
0x0207 Camera Collide Off
0x0208 Camera Collide On
0x0209 Slide On
0x020A Slide Off
0x020B Timer Set
0x020C Timer Add
0x020D NPC Force Conversation
0x020E Make A Splash
0x020F Credits start
0x0210 Credits stop
0x0211 Credits ended
0x0212 Bubble Wipe
0x0213 Set Lightkit
0x0214 Set Opacity
0x0215 Set Sound Effect
0x0216 Scale
0x0217 Set Reference
0x0218 Warp Set World
0x0219 Warp Set Task
0x021A Warp Go
0x021B Set Count
0x021C Get Dash Speed
0x021D Dash Trip
0x021E Dash Burst
0x021F Dash Fast
0x0220 Dash Normal
0x0221 Dash Slow
0x0222 Take Socks
0x0223 Debug BREAK
0x0224 Born
0x0225 Platform Pause
0x0226 Platform Unpause
0x0227 Store Options
0x0228 Restore Options
0x0229 UI Set Motion
0x022A UI Motion Finished
0x022B UI Motion Loop
0x022C Destructible launch
0x022D Destructible respawn
0x022E Kaboom Start
0x022F Kaboom Stop
0x0230 NPC Attack
0x0231 NPC Defend
0x0232 Train Set Speed
0x0233 Train Junct Out 1
0x0234 Train Junct Out 2
0x0235 Train Junct Toggle
0x0236 Train Junct Passed
0x0237 Train Car Detach
0x0238 Train Car Explode
0x0239 Xbox Initialize NET API
0x023A Xbox Update Connection
0x023B Xbox Update Online Task
0x023C Xbox Update Account List
0x023D Xbox Check for new content
0x023E Xbox Select Device
0x023F Xbox Select Content
0x0240 Xbox Verify Content
0x0241 Xbox Remove Content
0x0242 Xbox Select Device after remove
0x0243 Xbox Confirm use content idx
0x0244 Xbox Confirm no use content idx
0x0245 Xbox No content is installed
0x0246 Xbox No new content is available
0x0247 Xbox New content is available
0x0248 Enable Scene Drawing
0x0249 Disable Scene Drawing
0x024A Lightning Start
0x024B Lightning Stop
0x024C Change Boss UI Stage
0x024D Start static camera
0x024E End static camera
0x024F Set Camera Start Orientation
0x0250 NPC Set Movepoint Path
0x0251 NPC Scare Begin
0x0252 NPC Scare Skip
0x0253 NPC Set Movepoint Group
0x0254 VentSetStateIdle
0x0255 VentSetStateWarn
0x0256 VentSetStateDamage
0x0257 VentSetStateOff
0x0258 Waterhose Start
0x0259 Waterhose Stop
0x025A Waterhose Set Length
0x025B Carried
0x025C Explode
0x025D Jump To
0x025E Jump on Spawn
0x025F Player Hit
0x0260 Start Fade
0x0261 Fade Down Done
0x0262 Fade Up Done
0x0263 Bounce
0x0264 Launch NPC
0x0265 Upgrade Power Up
0x0266 Bullet Streak
0x0267 Set Follow Camera Orientation
0x0268 High Dynamic Range Fade
0x0269 Start
0x026A Success
0x026B Failure
0x026C Enable Restore
0x026D Disable Restore
0x026E NPC Spawn
0x026F NPC Spawn Done
0x0270 Spawned NPC Killed
0x0271 Spawned NPC No Health
0x0272 Spawned NPCs All Killed
0x0273 Spawned NPCs All No Health
0x0274 Set Dash Timer
0x0275 Dash Not Out of Time
0x0276 Dash Out of Time
0x0277 Force Scene Reset
0x0278 NPC Active
0x0279 NPC Inactive
0x027A Duplicator Activate
0x027B Duplicator Deactivate
0x027C Dash Enter Tunnel
0x027D Dash Exit Tunnel
0x027E StopRumbleEffect
0x027F Dash Chase Lasers On
0x0280 Dash Chase Lasers Off
0x0281 Random Jump on Spawn
0x0282 Hit Patrick Cartwheel
0x0283 UI Visible+Focus On+Select
0x0284 UI Focus Off+Unselect+Invisible
0x0285 Copy Reference
0x0286 UI Motion In Finished
0x0287 UI Motion Out Finished
0x0288 UI Signal Activate Screen
0x0289 UI Signal Deactivate Screen
0x028A UI Signal Activated Screen
0x028B UI Signal Switch Screens
0x028C UI Signal Start Fade Out
0x028D UI Signal Start Fade In
0x028E UI Signal Screen Motion In Done
0x028F UI Signal Screen Motion Out Done
0x0290 UI Signal Main Box In Done
0x0291 UI Signal Main Box Out Done
0x0292 UI Reset Motion
0x0293 UI Enable HDR
0x0294 UI Disable HDR
0x0295 UI Brighten
0x0296 UI Unbrighten
0x0297 UI Signal Deactivated Screen
0x0298 NPC Detect Always
0x0299 NPC Detect Never
0x029A NPC Detect Normal
0x029B NPC Fight Default
0x029C Camera Collide Partial
0x029D MusicTrack Play Temporary
0x029E Evaluate Counter Value
0x029F Count0
0x02A0 Rotate to Absolute X
0x02A1 Rotate to Absolute Y
0x02A2 Rotate to Absolute Z
0x02A3 Play Trigger Animation
0x02A4 Triggered Animation Done
0x02A5 UI Signal More
0x02A6 UI Signal No More
0x02A7 UI Signal Less
0x02A8 UI Signal No Less
0x02A9 UI Signal Up
0x02AA UI Signal Down
0x02AB UI Signal Sync To Current
0x02AC UI Signal Effect
0x02AD Freeze Player
0x02AE Unfreeze Player
0x02AF UI Signal Map Start
0x02B0 UI Signal Map End
0x02B1 Translate to Absolute X
0x02B2 Translate to Absolute Y
0x02B3 Translate to Absolute Z
0x02B4 JSP Visibility Increment
0x02B5 JSP Visibility Decrement
0x02B6 Enter Camera
0x02B7 Exit Camera
0x02B8 PadPressE (GC Z or XBOX Black)
0x02B9 Dash Set Jump Paramters
0x02BA Viper Face Player
0x02BB Viper Face Movement
0x02BC RequestStart
0x02BD UI Auto Menu Run
0x02BE UI Auto Menu Run Up
0x02BF UI Auto Menu Run Down
0x02C0 UI Auto Menu Run Left
0x02C1 UI Auto Menu Run Right
0x02C2 Increment Success
0x02C3 Decrement Success
0x02C4 Increment Failed
0x02C5 Decrement Failed
0x02C6 MusicTrack Stop Temporary Music
0x02C7 NPC Scramble Action Begin
0x02C8 NPC Scramble Alert
0x02C9 NPC Turret Set Attack Radius
0x02CA Goo Freeze Start
0x02CB Goo Melt Start
0x02CC NPC Notice
0x02CD Boss Stage Set
0x02CE Boss Stage Began
0x02CF Boss Stage Ended
0x02D0 Boss Stage A Began
0x02D1 Boss Stage A Ended
0x02D2 Boss Stage B Began
0x02D3 Boss Stage B Ended
0x02D4 Boss Stage C Began
0x02D5 Boss Stage C Ended
0x02D6 Visibility Cull On
0x02D7 Visibility Cull Off
0x02D8 Start rband camera
0x02D9 End rband camera
0x02DA Mindy Start
0x02DB Mindy End
0x02DC Flamethrower Start
0x02DD Flamethrower Stop
0x02DE Flamethrower Set Length
0x02DF NPC Take No Damage On
0x02E0 NPC Take No Damage Off
0x02E1 Start StaticCAM FOV filter
0x02E2 Restore StaticCAM FOV
0x02E3 XBOX DEMO exit to launcher
0x02E4 Spawn
0x02E5 Spawned
0x02E6 Credits set dest
0x02E7 Allow Attract Mode
0x02E8 Disallow Attract Mode
0x02E9 Rocket Attack
0x02EA Collision Reset
0x02EB AutoSave
0x02EC Open Bonus
0x02ED Flag Level
0x02EE Level End
0x02EF Get Local Content
0x02F0 Pause Game Safe
0x02F1 Override Frequency
0x02F2 Reset Frequency
0x02F3 Set Shot Delay
0x02F4 Set Shots In Group
0x02F5 User Select Yes
0x02F6 User Select No
0x02F7 User Select Back
0x02F8 Launch Fire Works
0x02F9 Resets user selection
0x02FA Set as Bounce Back
0x02FB Reset Unlockables
0x02FC UI Sys Msg Wait Response
0x02FD UI Sys Msg Wait Confirm
0x02FE UI Sys Msg Confirm
0x02FF UI Sys Msg Accept
0x0300 UI Sys Msg Decline
0x0301 Set as NOT Bounce Back
0x0302 Pause Game Now
0x0303 Patty Wagon Start Engine
0x0304 Patty Wagon Stop Engine
0x0305 Bubble Spawn On
0x0306 Bubble Spawn Off
0x0307 XBLive Toggle Sign In
0x0308 XBLive Manage Friends
0x0309 Apply On Reset - On
0x030A Apply On Reset - Off
0x030B Snap To
0x030C Throw
0x030D First Zip Line
0x030E First Ledge Grab
0x030F First Incredimeter Pickup
0x0310 UI Spark Trail
0x0311 UI Get Battle Scenes
0x0312 UI Battle Scenes Available
0x0313 UI Battle Scenes Not Available
0x0314 XBLive Toggle Appear Online
0x0315 UI Return to previous screen
0x0316 UI Empty Event
0x0317 Subtitles Enabled
0x0318 Subtitles Disabled
0x0319 UI Set Box Mapping for UVs
0x031A Player Ejected
0x031B Damage Player
0x031C First Health Pickup
0x031D Token Pickup Complete
0x031E Prompt is dead
0x031F UI Flip Visibility
0x0320 XBLive Reboot To Dashboard
0x0321 First Powerup Point
0x0322 UI Is Battle Scene
0x0323 UI Battle Scene Yes
0x0324 UI Battle Scene No
0x0325 UI Lock element
0x0326 UI Unlock element
0x0327 Drivenby Off
0x0328 Drivenby On
0x0329 UI Signal Credit Code
0x032A UI Signal HI Logo
0x032B Disable Auto Save
0x032C UI Signal Enlarge Window
0x032D Prompt Exiting
0x032E Prompt Force Exit
0x032F UI Sys Message Action Confirmed
0x0330 UI Sys Message Action Declined