Jellyfish Fields

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After Bikini Bottom, Jellyfish Fields is the next place SpongeBob will visit, as it is the first unlocked destination in the hub portal after SpongeBob leaves his house. Here the player will learn about the Fodder, Ham-Mer, and Tar-Tar robots as well as certain aspects of the game such as sliding and Patrick's moves.

JF01: Jellyfish Rock

Top of the Hill


Defeat King Jellyfish

Sock #1: By the waterfall

Sock #2: On the lake

Sock #3: On the island

Sock #4: Bowl a strike

Sock #5: Jellyfish Rock statue

Sock #6: Over the fountain

JF02: Jellyfish Caves


Patrick's Dilemma

Sock #7: On the slide

Sock #8: Slide jump

Sock #9: In the caves

Sock #10: Caves lake

JF03: Jellyfish Lake

Navigate the Canyons and Mesas

Drain the Lake

Sock #11: Cruise Bubble tikis

Sock #12: On the ledge

Sock #13: Under the teeter-totter

JF04: Spork Mountain

Slide Leap

Sock #14: On the slide