How To Create Custom Animations For BFBB

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Creating Custom ANIM Files

In this guide, you will learn how to create custom ANIM files for BFBB, and possibly other Heavy Iron games, using BFBBAnimTools. If you don't have BFBBAnimTools, you can get it from here.

Step #1

Open up 3DS Max, and import a dff model of your choice (assuming you have the RWio plugin installed for your version of 3DS Max.)

Import a dff model file of your choice.

Step #2

Next, once your model has been imported into 3DS Max, click the utilities icon (the wrench in the corner of the tools panel.) and find the "MAXScript" button, and click on it. Then, another panel called MAXScript will open up, with the buttons "Open Listener", "New Script", "Open Script", and "Run Script." Click the "Run Script" button and then a file menu will open up, browse to the "" file, and click "open". Now another option in the utilities drop down will appear labeled "BFBBAnimTools". Click on it to open it's options. Now you have the BFBBAnimTools open!

The steps to run the MAXscript file.