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From the BFBB Wikia[1]:

Hans is the character that drags you off screen when SpongeBob walks for too long on sand or hits a certain trigger that will place SpongeBob at a previous checkpoint. When the hand is disabled, it does not prevent SpongeBob from getting grabbed by walking on the sand, it will only prevent SpongeBob from getting grabbed by triggers. When you enter a loading zone while the hand is on the screen, it will disable the hand, preventing him from showing up until he is re-enabled by being in contact with sand for too long.

This glitch, found in 2011 by FrozenStar0, is perhaps the most important trick in the game, especially useful for speedrunning. It allows the player to access many out of bounds areas, and it is used in conjunction with other tricks in the game.

When Hans is disabled, the player is not affected by triggers that send the OoB event to the player. The player however, is still affected by out-of-bounds planes.

Hans can be re-enabled by standing on a death plane until Hans takes you away again. This allows you to take advantage of OoB death warps in certain parts of the game.

Useful for:

  • Billboard jump (Guppy Mound)
  • Cowa-Bungee early
  • Early towers
  • Frosty bungee toll skip
  • Larry time challenge skip
  • OoB navigation
  • Sandy's dream (Sandy nut & Texas glide)
  • Shipwreck bungee toll skip
  • Tartar skip
  • Under Jellyfish Caves (right side)
  • Wheel-less CB rooftops
  • Dutchman skip
  • Prawn skip
  • Skip Robo Sandy and Robo Patrick
  • Mermalair sock bungee skip
  • Kelp Vines shortcuts for Mermaid Man's Time Challenge
  • Sleepy-Time skip
  • Brain L-Clipping
  • Setting up SBA
  • Swingerless

External links

  1. Hand disable tutorial on YouTube