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Type Binary
Object ID -
Games used Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

A Flythrough defines a path for the camera to move around a level. It is made up of individual points, each point defining the transform for the camera at a specified time. The time is measured in frames. 30 frames = 1 second.


Flythroughs are stored in little-endian. There is no header, it is simply made up of the following struct which repeats until the end of the file. The total length in frames is the frame number of the last struct in the file. Each entry is 64 (0x40 hex) bytes long.

struct zFlyKey
	int frame;
	float matrix[12];
	float aperture[2];
	float focal;
  • frame usually starts at either 1 or 0, and increments by 1 with each point.
  • matrix
    • index 0-2 is the right (reversed) vector
    • index 3-5 is the up vector
    • index 6-8 is the at (reversed) vector
    • index 9-11 is the position
  • aperture
  • focal