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Offset Type Variable Description
0x10 Vector3 start Start point
0x1C Vector3 end End point
0x28 Color color Color multiplier
0x2C float width Width multiplier
0x30 float unknown
0x34 RWTX textureID1 Lightning texture
0x38 RWTX textureID2 Glow texture
0x3C int unknown Always 1
0x40 float knockbackSpeed Speed at which to knock the player back upon touching
0x44 SGRP soundGroupID Lightning sounds
0x48 int null
0x4C int null
0x50 SIMP entID1
0x54 SIMP/PLAT entID2
0x58 int damagePlayer 0 = don't damage player, 1 = damage player. (Always 1)