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Type Object
Object ID 0x00
Games used Battle for Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer

A Dynamic is an asset type which can do multiple functions, depending on their type. The format for each DYNA type is completely different, and some are only used in some games.


Dynamics are object assets, so they start with their 8 byte header, then are followed by another 8 byte header:

Offset Type Variable Description
0x08 int type The subtype of this dynamic. Each type is listed below.
0x0C short version The version of this dynamic (depends on the type).
0x0E short handle Always 0.


The following is a list of all DYNA types found across all 4 games (Scooby doesn't use DYNAs). Columns 1 through 4 represent the games ordered by their release dates, and specify which asset types are used in each game.

  1. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom
  2. The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
  3. The Incredibles
  4. The Incredibles: Rise of the Underminer
Name ID Version Description 1 2 3 4
audio:conversation 0x3A335FCF
camera:binary_poi 0xFA0E4015
camera:preset 0xCDAB9190
camera:transition_path 0xBBA5036A Unused.
camera:transition_time 0xBC304E86
Checkpoint 0x2DE7AB98
effect:BossBrain 0xDEC6DFF0
effect:Flamethrower 0xFB1179F5
effect:grass 0x081A3629
effect:light 0x5EAB97E1
effect:LightEffectFlicker 0x53CE3CA4
effect:LightEffectStrobe 0x96727F69
effect:Lightning 0x94B8EF2D 2
Effect:particle_generator 0x4AF4ABC7 1
effect:Rumble 0x2A59443A 3
effect:Rumble Box Emitter 0x56F5D96F Unused.
effect:Rumble Spherical Emitter 0x1337E641 1
effect:ScreenFade 0x9535DB9D 1
effect:ScreenWarp 0xC2783A7F
effect:smoke_emitter 0x0903FBB9 1
effect:spark_emitter 0xA7039867
effect:Splash 0xCDF6730C
effect:spotlight 0x6AA8BF67 2
effect:uber_laser 0xA866726F
effect:water_body 0x90D4BA5B
effect:Waterhose 0x03E64AEB Unused.
Enemy:SB 0x5B1CC119 Unused.
Enemy:SB:BucketOTron 0xD2D6A1E5 4 Bucket-O-Tron enemy.
Enemy:SB:CastNCrew 0x1F9D54BB 1 Frogfish tongue spinner enemy and Dennis SpongeBob enemy.
Enemy:SB:Critter 0x45B73B62 2 Jellyfish enemy.
Enemy:SB:Dennis 0xCE41C144 3 Dennis boss.
Enemy:SB:FrogFish 0x11FCF451 2 Frogfish boss.
Enemy:SB:Mindy 0xC92170B2 3 Mindy, SpongeBob, and Patrick NPC.
Enemy:SB:Neptune 0xBE8C5CAC 4 King Neptune boss.
Enemy:SB:Standard 0x44EA147A 7 Fogger, Slammer, Flinger, Popper, Spinner, Mini-Merv, and Mervyn enemy.
Enemy:SB:SupplyCrate 0x495BFF9B 2 Supply Crate, Balloon Box, Supply Computer, Thunder Barrel, and Steel Safe.
Enemy:SB:Turret 0x9FEC1E09 4 Turret enemy.
game_object:BoulderGenerator 0xBB4864D8 1
game_object:bullet_mark 0x381232B4
game_object:bullet_time 0x390467A4
game_object:bungee_drop 0x574749A4 1
game_object:bungee_hook 0x57CFB6F0 13
game_object:BusStop 0x8F012778 2 Bus Stop/Port-O-Head for switching playable characters.
game_object:camera_param_asset 0xE44DCEBA
game_object:Camera_Tweak 0x9092FB14 1
game_object:dash_camera_spline 0x571A5DBC
game_object:flame_emitter 0xE6120704 4
game_object:Flythrough 0x85BFDF34 1 Widget for Flythrough.
game_object:FreezableObject 0x35D19631
game_object:Grapple 0xE7928821
game_object:Hangable 0x1D3C54EE
game_object:IN_Pickup 0x832E4208
game_object:laser_beam 0xBBCB17C1
game_object:NPCSettings 0x8768334A 2
game_object:RaceTimer 0x844BCF76 2
game_object:rband_camera_asset 0x945F2E84
game_object:Ring 0x4D81C1EE 2
game_object:RingControl 0x18028CA7 3
game_object:RubbleGenerator 0x3D0D5121
game_object:talk_box 0x0934B196 11 Instance of text box.
game_object:task_box 0xE9D2C1BB 2 NPC talk box settings for specific playable characters.
game_object:Taxi 0x4DC449FC 1 Taxi stops for warping to other levels.
game_object:Teleport 0x70ADB7F9 1 or 2 Teleport box.
game_object:text_box 0x442E1337 1 Text box style settings. ✔
game_object:train_car 0xC279D693
game_object:train_junction 0xEA7B28D9
game_object:Turret 0x798A7982
game_object:Vent 0x4E09EC43 1
game_object:VentType 0x5E5B5165 1
hud:image 0xB8DA553C
hud:meter:font 0x8B3E732F 3
hud:meter:unit 0x8D40B9AC 3
hud:model 0xFF5691D2 1
hud:text 0x687ED0B0 1
Incredibles:Icon 0xD6093241 1
interaction:IceBridge 0xF7E8697A
interaction:Launch 0x4B03B4F7
interaction:Lift 0x4C1F2B57
interaction:SwitchLever 0x28478E46
interaction:Turn 0x4D34C2B9
Interest_Pointer 0x1F662B3C
JSP Extra Data 0x204D6ADB 1
logic:Function Generator 0x4494F483
logic:reference 0xF98698FF 1
npc:CoverPoint 0x48C0D3A6
npc:group 0x2326640A
npc:NPC_Custom_AV 0xFF7E4CFC
pointer 0x2196C135 1
Scene Properties 0xFABDB3B3 1
ui:box 0x8C2D107D 2
ui:controller 0xE8753BAE 0
ui:image 0x337BCB31 1
ui:model 0x79F807C7 2
ui:text 0xBD7646D7 2
ui:text:user string 0xFB50BACB
Unknown 0x2743B85C
Unknown 0x2CD29541
Unknown 0x460F4FB2
Unknown 0x4EE03B24
Unknown 0x9F234F8E
Unknown 0xA072A4DA
Unknown 0xAD7CB421
Unknown 0xC6C76EEE
Unknown 0xCDB57387
Unknown 0xCF21DB89
Unknown 0xE2301EA9
Unknown 0xE5D82D97
Unknown 0xEBC04E7B
Unknown 0xFC2951C1



Version 1
Hash 0x2196C135
Games used Battle For Bikini Bottom
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 Vector3 loc Position
0x0C Vector3 rotation Rotation


Version 1
Hash 0xD6093241
Games used The Incredibles
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 Vector 3 position
0x0C Vector 3 rotation
0x18 float unknown
0x1C int unknown

JSP Extra Data

JSP Extra Data
Version 1
Hash 0x204D6ADB
Games used The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Rise of the Underminer
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 Asset ID JSP
0x04 Asset ID GRUP

Scene Properties

Scene Properties
Version 1
Hash 0xFABDB3B3
Games used The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
The Incredibles
Rise of the Underminer
Offset Type Variable Description
0x00 int null
0x04 int unknown always 52
0x08 int null
0x0C int unknown always 52
0x10 byte flag1 always 20
0x11 byte flag2 always 5
0x12 byte flag3 varies
0x13 byte flag4 varies
0x14 SND/SNDS musicID Background music for the level.
0x18 int unknown always 0 or 1
0x1C float unknown
0x20 float unknown always 4
0x24 int null
0x28 int null
0x2C int null
0x30 int null