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Cruise boosting (CB for short) is an exploit useful in BFBB speedruns. It can be triggered by using Bubble Bowl and Cruise Bubble on the same frame while on a flat surface. A Fast CB can be done by performing one against an object then strafing in a certain direction to capture a faster speed, because the game calculates the bowling speed boost based on your movement into the bowl.

Cruise boosting works because activating the Cruise Bubble doesn't allow the Bubble Bowl state to end properly. This causes the game to continue pushing SpongeBob forward as if he was still in the bubble bowl animation.

Ending a cruise boost may be done through using a Bubble Bowl, taking damage, dying, using a Bus Stop, or warping to another level. All of these actions end bowl state and thus cancels the player's speed.

A mechanic similar to cruise boosting may be performed in The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie in the level "Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions." If the player jumps on top of the bungee hook in the first area of the level, uses a Sponge-Bowl, and walks off the bungee hook, SpongeBob will be continuously pushed forward, albeit at a relatively slow speed.

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