Bikini Bottom

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Bikini Bottom is the first area the player encounters in BFBB as well as the hub by which SpongeBob can visit the other areas in the game. Specifically, SpongeBob starts off in his pineapple house, tasked to obtain the first golden spatula in the game in order to explore the rest of Bikini Bottom, and optionally to collect the first of Patrick's socks, located in SpongeBob's attic.

HB00: Prologue

HB01: The Neighborhood

On Top of the Pineapple

On Top of Shady Shoals

On Top of the Chum Bucket

Infestation at the Krusty Krab


Mr. Krabs

Sock #1: Next to Patrick

Sock #2: Shady Shoals fountain

Sock #3: Krusty Krab dumpster

HB02: SpongeBob's Pineapple

SpongeBob's Closet

Sock #4: SpongeBob's attic

HB03: Squidward's Tiki

Annoy Squidward

Sock #5: Destroy everything

HB04: Patrick's Rock

Sock #6: Patrick's couch

HB05: Sandy's Treedome

Ambush at the Tree Dome

HB06: Shady Shoals

Sock #7: Fix the TV

HB07: Krusty Krab

Sock #8: Destroy everything

HB08: Chum Bucket

A Wall Jump in the Bucket

HB09: Police Station

HB10: Theater