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This is a small tool made by community member igorseabra4 in C#.

Its function is to convert JSP model files from Battle for Bikini Bottom (level models) into OBJ which can be imported into a 3d model editor such as 3ds Max. It also has been tested and seems to work fine on Movie Game and The Incredibles JSPs. Currently it only works on files from the XBOX version of the games. It should be able to convert some DFF models (MODL assets) into OBJ as well. The OBJ files have vertex positions, texture coordinates, materials and vertex colors.

A MAXScript is included in the download link which can be used to preserve vertex colors when importing the model into 3ds Max (they are not supported with the normal OBJ importer, or in other 3d model editors).

The MTL file will be expecting all images as PNG in the same directory as the files. The easiest way to extract them is to follow Displaying Textures to extract all textures from the HOP file into a folder using Industrial Park and Magic.TXD; after that, use Bulk Rename Utility to remove the .RW3 from each texture's file name.