Adding Vertex Color To Models

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On August 7th, 2019, user Penney16 figured out how to add vertex light and color to a model in BfBB. It successfully imported and displayed the modified vertex color and has only been tested to work on the GameCube version of BfBB. Other versions such as PlayStation 2 and Xbox have not been tested by the user. This guide will help you with adding vertex color to your models and custom models!

Adding Custom Vertex Colors To Models

To add custom vertex color or vertex light to a model, like shown here, follow these steps...

Purple Vertex Light on the B303_snot.dff model


Open up Industrial Park, and open your HIP and HOP pair for wherever your model is. Once you've found your model, select the DFF itself, NOT the Simple Object (SIMP).

Editing data on the DFF

Once you've selected the DFF you want, click the "Edit Data" option, and click "Export." Save it as the "RenderWare Stream (raw BSP/DFF)" option and save it wherever you would like it to be. Next open up 3DS Max, assuming you have the RenderWare Input Output (RWIO) plugin installed, import your DFF we just exported into 3DS Max.

Importing the DFF into 3DS Max.

Next, select ONLY the model, no bones, (usually named Object001) and click the "Modifiers" tab, which is the blue rainbow looking thing. Once there, click the "Modifier List" drop-down menu, and scroll down until you find "VertexPaint". Click on it to add the modifier to the model, and a menu with vertex paint tools will pop up on the left of 3DS Max.

Steps to add the "VertexPaint" modifier

Once the vertex paint modifier is added, you can now add custom colors and light to your model! In the left window that popped up you have a few tools.

The left panel where painting tools are.

The yellow bar you see (in which by default is black instead of yellow) is where you can select a custom color. The pink eraser icon on top of it is the eraser, allowing you to erase painted color. The red brush icon above the eraser allows you to paint a custom color, or multiple colors, while the paint bucket icon on the left of the paint brush lets you paint the model all one color of which you've chosen. Once you use these tools, and paint or color your model how you want, export your model as DFF with the recommended settings and save it wherever you want.

Recommended DFF export options for BfBB

The last step, once your model is saved where you want it, go back to industrial park, click edit data on the model again, but this time click "Import" and browse to your vertex modified model. Once your model is replaced and imported, save your HIP and HOP archives, and test your new vertex colored model in-game! (NOTE: Once exported, unless you select ONLY the bones, and not the object, it will not be rigged. see How To Export Rigged Models for a guide on how to export your modified Vertex Color model rigged.) If you are a visual learner, a video tutorial on adding vertex color and light can be found Here.

Guide For Custom Models

if you have a custom model, there are a few extra steps you need to follow in order for vertex color on a custom model to display properly. Once you've made a custom model in 3DS Max, follow the steps above to add vertex color or vertex light to your model, and then follow this guide to add the required settings to your HOP archives PIPT asset in order for it to work in-game properly.

Steps To Add Vertex Color To Custom Models

First, once you've followed the above guide to export a vertex edited custom model, once you've imported it into your level using Industrial Park, and placed it where you like, go to your levels HOP archive, and find the "DEFAULT" layer, and select your Pipe Info Table (PIPT) asset, and click "Edit Data."

Selection steps.

Next, click the PIPT entries drop-down arrow, or select the little box with three dots that appears, to edit the entries in the PIPT asset.

Editing entries.

Next, click "Add" and a new entry will be added, next click on that entry to edit it. Now this is the important steps. Add your models Asset ID in the "ModelAssetID" field, and change the "Culling" field to 0x98, change the "MeshIndex" to -1, and change the OtherFlags to 0x72. (In older versions of Industrial Park, OtherFlags is Unknown0B.)

Editing the entry.

once this is all done, and your entries match the settings here, save your changes if you haven't already, and now your custom model's vertex color or vertex light should display properly in-game! If you also need a visual tutorial for this too, a video tutorial can be found Here.


With enough time and effort using this guide, you can achieve things like this.

the b303_snot dff with edited vertex light and recolored texture to go with it.